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The company began its operations from Kathmandu more than three decade ago as Pashupati Road Carrier Nepal Private Limited. The company grew in the guidance of its founder Mr. Rajender Prasad Gupta and Managing Director Mr. Mahender Prasad Gupta as an emerging transport company for transporting with in Nepal.

The appreciation of the Nepali Business Houses, industrialists and traders, the vision of the founder and hard work of our employees saw us growing up in to one of the largest and most reputed transport company in Nepal.

Mr. R.P. Gupta handed over the success of the company to his worthy son Mr. Rakesh Kumar Gupta who now takes care of its operations with Mr. Mahender Prasad Gupta. Mr. R.P. Gupta himself moved to Delhi to translate his experience in to greater success. He had Started PASHUPATI ROAD CARRIER PRIVATE LIMITED with Mr. Tarun Kumar Gupta (Chartered Accountant) in 2006, who is the Managing Director of the company. The company has offices over all Major cities of India and Nepal with its Head Office situated in Moti Nagar Delhi.


Through our wide network of offices and associates in India, Nepal, Bhutan and Bangladesh, We provide the most unparalleled transportation services to our clients.


We provide custom clearance facility at all Major Indo Nepal Borders like Raxaul, Sanauli, and Jogbani. We have extensive infrastructure at all Indo Nepal Borders.

Custom Clearance

We provide more than a million square feet covered area to warehouse the customers valuable cargo at all the major cities in India and Nepal.


We must explain to you how the goods are moving internally or from buyer to seller. Logistics managers oversee and control the many complexities involved in that process; in fact, there are a number of certifications for these professionals. Success depends on attention to many details: Routes need to be determined based on expediency, regulatory environments and avoiding obstacles ranging from road repairs to wars and adverse weather conditions. Shipping provider and packaging options must be carefully considered, with costs weighed against factors from weight to recyclability. Fully loaded costs may include factors outside of transportation, such as those that ensure customer satisfaction and the availability of suitable warehousing.

We have 15 years experience in this passion

No milestone is the final one for us and in our arduous journey we are ably guided by our highly experienced and qualified directors,

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Our Location

70A/47, Rama Road Industrial Area, Moti Nagar, New Delhi 110015.

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I had a problem with my order with other company, but the Pashupati Road Carrier handled it quickly and effectively.The service was excellent.The delivery was on time and the goods arrived in good condition. I am satisfied with the timeliness and quality of the delivery service provided by the Pashupati Road Carrier



The prices were competitive and I got a good value for my money.